Monday, August 8, 2016

Reading Challenge - Confessions of a book hoarder

Yesterday I was thinking how nice it would be to make a blog post about a soup. I have a recipe in a book that I have modified to make it my own, and I wanted to give credit to the original author and then add my changes to it. I had one little problem. I had so many books that I was unable to find the original recipe. I decided to take a break and that is when I realized that I need a book challenge. I am a book hoarder. Are you a book hoarder?

You know what I am talking about. I keep a book forever whether I want the book or not. I have some greedy little place in my heart that thinks I need to keep all books forever. I do not. I looked through one recipe book and realized that in that entire book, I use one single recipe. I took a look on Pinterest and there was that recipe. I could pin the recipe and give the book away to bring joy to someone else.

So this is my challenge. For the next four weeks, I will start reading my books. If I cannot read the entire book, I will put a post it note in the book with a future date on it. If I have not read the book by that date, it's going out. Once I read the book, I am going to give it away to bring joy to someone else. If it is a reference book, I will take a few minutes to decide if I need to keep it, or if it is just cluttering up my bookcase.

Start date: Wednesday August 10th
End date: Wednesday September 10th (this does not include reading all fiction books, just marking them)

Goal: Make a decision about at least four books per day on average and get rid of at least 10 books per week
 Goal: To spend at least 15 minutes each day reading books that can be read and given away.

My goals are small and easy to meet. I do hope to exceed them, but this week is very busy. We are going to flip a house, which I will write about in a future post and it will need my attention also.


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog the other day! I'm so glad to "meet" another book lover!! I LOVE this challenge and I am sooo there with you... I hadn't set myself such helpful guidelines, but I've been reading the books on my shelves very diligently for the last month, and making myself make hard choices about whether they really bring me joy or are just staying on my bookcase out of habit. Confession, a good number of them have been vintage Nancy Drews. Sooo hard to part with, but I'm doing my best to be brave...! I hope you share which books you decide to keep and let go! I'm curious. :)

  2. How ever did this turn out? I hope to tackle my books in January!