Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Budget Meals 2 - Eating On A Very Low Budget

I like to try to post a meal plan that is as bare as possible.  This way, if you have extra cash, you can add in the items that you or your family like without blowing the budget. 

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Grocery List:
Paprika if you can afford it or don’t have it already
1 whole chicken either cut up or not
Low sodium soy sauce
Frozen vegetables
Spaghetti sauce

Ingredients to make your favorite cole slaw dressing (for me that is miracle whip, sugar, apple cider vinegar) I use a simplified version of KFC (I don’t use the celery salt)

For the chick fil a one here:    ps:  I sub plain old mustard for “dry mustard”.  No one has ever noticed.    For this one you will need mustard, mayo and vinegar)

When you debone chicken thighs, you can never get all the meat off the bone, but I don’t try.  I fry them for a meal or snack just like you would chicken wings.  

Oatmeal with banana or apples
Breakfast hash – potatoes, onion and carrot with paprika
Eggs & Toast

Soups – use the bones from the chicken to make broth or use a boullion cube if you have them
Peanut butter sandwich
Homemade fries (we bake them)

Snacks:  jam and bread, fruit

Breakfast for dinner (we love this and do it weekly) pancakes, eggs, toast
Stirfry – use chicken thighs, frozen veg, soy sauce and rice
Potato hash.  Use your white meat chicken – cook it and shred it, then fry or bake cubed potatoes until golden brown.  Add onion and chicken and cook until onion softens.  
Falafel or chick pea burgers or black bean burgers, French fries, cole slaw
Spaghetti  (if you feel you need protein some smashed up cooked beans added to it works nicely)
Potato pancakes and any chicken you have left over cooked and shredded, cole slaw