Saturday, June 18, 2016

How to get started homeschooling

When you decide to homeschool, the task ahead can be overwhelming.  Some moms decide to go for a curriculum that has already been set up for them.  What if your child works well in one area and not in another?  What if you don't like the choices in materials?

You can set up your own curriculum fairly easily.  It just involves some research.  There are some questions you will need to ask yourself.  First off, do you want a secular or nonsecular plan?  Do you want a math heavy plan or one that is simpler to follow.  Do you want a program where your child plays games online to learn or do you want to teach face to face.

You will also need to think about setting your space up for learning.  If you plan on eating breakfast lunch and dinner on the dining room table, that might not be the best place to plan to have lessons.  You do not want to get in the middle of a poster board project and have to clean it all up to eat a meal.  Do you have the space in your house to have a dedicated area?  Is there an area that is quiet that you can close off?  Do you have a space to store your resources?

Next look around your area for a good home school group.   Get involved early and ask questions.  It is also good to be involved with other homeschoolers for socializing.  Your child will need some time each week to learn to socialize with other children.  Ask what the state's laws are for homeschoolers so you can get what you need to legally homeschool your children.

Once you have these things in order, you are on your way to becoming a homeschooler! 

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