Monday, January 22, 2018

Week 16 Weekly Meal Plan

I took some time off and used my recipes and now I am in the mood to start again and try some different things.  Below is this week's meal plan:

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Chicken Gnocci Soup

I tried several recipes before deciding that has the best tasting one and the one my family will eat.  I made a nice rustic bread to serve with this soup.  This is definately going into our rotation.  She has a lot of other great recipes also, so head over and have a look at her site.


Today I am using leftover steak to make beef and broccoli and serving it with steamed rice.  The recipe is simple and I only need to cut up the leftover steak, toss the broccoli and steak in the sauce and dinner is served.
Teriyaki Sauce Recipe


Homemade Crunch Wraps.  My family loves this one.  You can make it with beef or chicken.
Cooking with Janica is where I found this wonderful recipe. Just a side note.. beware of the music that starts when you open the website.  Do NOT open it in the room with your sleeping baby!!!


Spaghetti night.  Homemade sauce in the crockpot.


Life in the Lofthouse has a recipe for a chicken casserole that I am dying to try.  You will probably see this recipe made over as one of my own, because there are some major changes that I will make in order to get my family to eat it.  Can't wait to try it though.

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