Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 1 of 5 Weeks To A Clean And Organized Home Divided.

Daily list:
Take out trash
Make sure all items for dinner are available and make a list of anything needed
Clean up all breakfast dishes. Wash them and put them away
Quick clean main bathroom: Wipe off counter and sink, wipe off mirror. Put anything away that was left out.
Make beds
Start a load of laundry
Fold and put away a load of laundry
Wipe off kitchen counters and sink after each meal
Sweep kitchen floor after dinner
Scoop litter box
Go through mail and either throw it out, deal with it or put it into the decision file

Run the dishwasher
Unload the dishwasher
Close the kitchen at the end of the day
What does close the kitchen mean? Click here to find out:Close the Kitchen

Clean out fridge
Plan menu


Grocery shop
Clean out car
Clean Front Porch


Deep clean your main bathroom and change the towels out
Wipe inside and outside of garbage can
Water plants
Clean out your dryer vent
Clean cobwebs on entire house


Wash bedding
Deep clean kitchen
Magic eraser walls


Dust house including ceiling fans
Pay bills
Vacuum entire house


Organize kitchen
Polish wood in house

Catch Up


Catch up


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