Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan Week 11

My goal this year is to cook more for my family.   We are very busy and as a result, we eat out a LOT.  This year, I want to serve food at home that is fast, easy and nutritious.  No frozen dinners high in sodium, I want real food.

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The first 2 months, I looked online at blogs and found recipes.  I want to try something different though.  I want to try out different cookbooks.  Each month, I will cook recipes from a different cookbook.  It could be a side, main dish or dessert, but I will try to incorporate new dinners into our rotation.  So far the family is loving it.

This month, I am cooking out of this book:

This is in addition to our typical meal plans.    On Saturday nights, we have a family pizza night, and sometimes one other night per week we do not eat at home (usually at a friends house, we rotate).  This means 5 to 6 meals per week I need to plan.

Please note that some of my meals may seem a little heavy.  I am feeding three teen boys, so I cook to fill them up.  Some people may omit the starch from the meal and be just fine with the meal plan.

This week's meal plan:

Spaghetti with Crock Pot Spaghetti Sauce  Salad

Mahogany Chicken with Rice   You really have to try this one.  It's my version of a hard to make prize winning recipe.  It taste really good.   If you cant find  hoison sauce at your grocery try here:

Tex Mex Chicken Casserole  I make this ahead and head it, then add the tomato and lettuce.

Naked Persian Turkey Burgers pg 156 of the cookbook.  These are bunless and the salad recipe is included.  Looks really good.

Chicken Pasta Caprese  pg 184 of the cookbook.  Normally I dont care for pasta dishes with vegetables, but this one looks really good with chicken, cheese and tomato.  Nothing difficult.

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