Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan Week 14

I started this blog because my cooking was pretty sketchy.  I ran through fast food at least a few days a week because I had no idea what to cook.  So this year I decided that I will plan a weekly menu.  It was going great until I got bored.  So I decided to keep me going, I will add a cookbook to the mix.  For the next six weeks or so, I will add at least a recipe per week from the cookbook below.  You can get a copy new, or they also have used ones that are pretty cheap.  I figured the price of this cookbook is less than one fast food meal for the family, and they eat a lot more nutritiously when I cook than when I buy fast food.

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 The cook books is The Best and Lightest from Food Network Magazine.  So far I'm loving it.  The food is good, but simple.  I've tried a lot of different recipes from it and it's a keeper.

So Here is my menu plan:

Stacked Enchiladas - If you are in a hurry, you can buy the pre-fried tortillas, then you only need assemble the stacks.  My kids eat 2 each and I serve them with rice.

Healthy Chinese Chicken Breasts - we love these.  If you cant find hoison sauce or if it's expensive, buy it on amazon.  The amazon price is about half my local grocery.  Again I serve this one with rice and green beans.

Rigatoni with Spicy Shrimp- page 228 of the cookbook.  Shallots add a depth of flavor above what onion would, and the red pepper gives the shrimp a kick, but it's not too spicy.  It was good.   I served it with a green salad.

Pork and Wild Rice Salad- page 149 of the cookbook.  There is just a little bit of yogurt in this that adds a little zip, and the cranberries add sweetness.  It was so easy to make and because it contains the rice, salad and meat, I did not have to make anything else.

Turkey Cutlet with Plum Sauce - I sub'd chicken breast.  I just didnt have time to run to the store for turkey breast and I had chicken breast on hand.  It was still really good.  Plums and lemon go really well together.  This recipe has a salad with it, so that was what I served.

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