Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Best Gift For Christmas 2017

I get so tired of all the lists that offer Christmas Gifts and when you click on them, they are outrageously expensive. I am going to do a series where the gifts are affordable. I love this garlic press. Once you use it, you wont go back to using the old kind. You know garlic presses... the garlic gets caught in the holes, they are hard to clean, it's hard to get the garlic out and sometimes you end up juicing the clove instead of mincing it. This garlic press by Joseph Joseph is my favorite new find this year, and with the inexpensive price tag, it's easy to get it for anyone on your list. You simply place the garlic clove on a firm surface and rock the press back and forth over it. The garlic comes out minced and it's easy to clean the back of the press. I will never go back to the other kind of garlic press. I love this one.

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