Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cheap Eats - Eating on a Really Low Budget

My disclaimer is that this is not a healthy, rounded meal, this is a meal plan for someone on an extremely low budget.  You will have eggs and beans left over at the end of the week.  You can make both beans into patties and freeze for later.

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In most places this should cost less than $30 for this food.  If you are a really good shopper, you can get it for under $25.

1 16 ounce bag black beans
1 bag chick peas
1 package hamburger buns 
1 lb tomatoes
peanut butter
loaf bread
frozen veg mix
self rising flour
spaghetti sauce
1 can broth for soup
1 large onion

breakfast for the week:
Oatmeal with bananas or jam

snack:  toast with jam

peanut butter and jelly on bread
egg salad
rice stir fry
frozen veg on pasta with soy sauce or pasta sauce
sides:  banana, egg, carrots, frozen veg or homemade fries


black bean burgers, potato wedges, frozen veg mix
hummus made with chick peas and garlic, carrots and flat bread
spaghetti with sauce, mix some smashed beans into the sauce for protein (either black beans or chick peas)
falafals, flat bread, hummus carrots Falafal recipe
soup - mix black beans, frozen veg, potatoes, onion and broth
stirfry- rice, egg, frozen veg, soy sauce

to make the flatbread mix flour and water, then cook on high heat in a hot skillet, turning once
to make black bean burgers, mix soaked beans with salt and any other spice you choose, form into patties
potato wedges- cut potatoes, coat with oil and salt, roast until brown
hummus- in a blender place soaked chick peas with cooked garlic (i chop mine, then place in a skillet until golden in color.

There is no a lot of variety in this menu, you will probably get bored with it pretty quickly, but since you will have beans left over, you will not need to buy them for the next week and that will add money to add variety.

I assume you have salt, pepper, oil and some basic spices in your pantry.

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