Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Diary of a House Flip Post #2

OUCH!  I am so sore.  We worked the entire weekend on the house just trying to clean it.  We did hardly anything to make it sell!  Our renter was not a neat person, that is for sure.

I mowed the grass and cut some of the bushes back.  I started weeding, but the heat index was over 100, so I did not get much done there.
I removed all the screens and put them in the garage.  Nearly all of them somehow got holes in them over the past two years.

Inside the house, I attempted to clean the bathtubs, but found that after I worked my way through all the body scum, the tubs were stained and still appeared dirty.
I also removed all the carpet and padding.  Ok, Ok, I admit....I had to get my son to help me remove the padding because it was glued down.  I spent about an hour making myself sore and didn't get a single room finished.  He came over and in 30 minutes did all three bedrooms and the hallway.  Yay!
I made a trip to the dump with the old carpet, but the dump closed before I could get the pad loaded.

The grosses thing that happened was that I was wiping up in the bathroom and ran my cloth up the vanity.  GROSS!  I nearly tossed my cookies on this one.

The entire house was so dirty that it took the entire weekend to clean.  Below is a photo from the average floor in the house, and an extra special floor....yup, that is what it looks like, and I got to clean it up.

Next I have a pic of the Great Room.  The ceiling fan we installed when we bought the house and thank goodness it still works and isn't broken.  The chandelier that goes above the dining room table didn't survive.  I made a trip to Lowes to buy a new one.   I am going to have an electrician install it on Tuesday.  While he is there, he will see if he cannot fix the light in the kitchen.  It would be nice to be able to see in there.  I have no idea how she broke that one.

In the Great Room you can also see the fireplace.  Hubby made the fireplace mantle for me when we bought the house.  The builder didn't put one in, so we bought one that was a similar size and cut it to fit.  It's beautiful compared to the nothing that was there before.
In this room I also pulled down the wooden curtain rods leftover from the 1980's.

 It took me over an hour to clean the laundry area.   That is the before pic.

This is what she did to the Great Room floor.  Next time I will make sure that the lease says you must use rugs under furniture.

I was able to make it somewhat less noticeable by using one of those furniture pens, but it is still really bad.

So this weekend we accomplished:
a basic cleanup of the house inside and out

Next week:
Electrician coming to install light and fix light
Flooring company coming to give estimate for floors
Realtor coming to give opinion of what else needs to be done
Find someone who can paint entire house quickly
Try to find a way to remove stains from the tubs

What I think we will do is carpet the bedrooms, paint the entire house including kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets.  After that we need to decide how much more to do.  We could replace the counters and that ruined floor, but our realtor thinks it may not benefit us to do that at this time because the market is so hot.

So far we have spent about $200 including supplies to clean and a new light.

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