Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Diary of a House Flip Post #8

Disappointing setback this weekend.  Last week I called and got estimates on granite counters.  The price was decent, just over $1400.  They wanted $100 to disconnect the sink, so we decided hubby would disconnect the sink to try to save a little cash.  The salesperson came out and measured and gave me an appointment for Wednesday.  Stupid me thought that Wednesday was the day they would be installing the counters, so I had hubby unhook the sink.   That was the start of a rough day.

First, when calling a plumber, I found out that because their sink is much deeper than the one that is there now, they cannot give me a firm price to reconnect the sink. The plumber said it would be "$500 to $1000 for a sink reconnect".  The problem is that the garbage disposal is too big to fit under the cabinet with the new sink.  I also talked to him about the products we bought to spruce up the master bath and found out that they won't work.  I have to buy more expensive ones and for him to install them was going to be another $300.  I think the master bath will just have to have an ugly faucet and drain.  It's just not worth $400 in product and $300 in service to make it look "nicer".

Since the counters would be installed on Wednesday, I scheduled the plumber for Thursday.  They called twice to ask me if they could come Wednesday instead.  I had to explain both times that the counters will be installed Wednesday, they cant hook up a sink that isn't there.  I was tired of dealing with them.  It was after 6pm and I still needed to do household stuff like grocery shop and cook dinner.  I was shopping in the store, and I just happened to think, "What if my appointment is for some kind of template, not the counters?".  I phoned hubby, but he was not home yet, so I finished shopping and drove home to looked at my papers.  It was not clear.  I was confused.

The next morning, hubby said he wanted to phone the company that quoted on the counters because he had some other questions to ask them.  The next thing I know, he is calling me back and he is very very angry.  He said that the appointment is for a template, which was fine, but that the counters cannot be installed for about 3 weeks.  YIKES!  We had intended to have this house on the market in just over a week, and now I have to wait for two more weeks.    I hate deadline delays.  If I had known it would take so long, I would have called a few other places and asked about timeline, but since I have paid my deposit, I am stuck waiting.

I then had to get off the phone with him and cancel the plumber who was coming out tomorrow to reconnect a sink that is going to be disconnected for three weeks.  I can't believe I didn't ask.

I also looked at the bathroom cabinet I painted, and the paint did not level as it dried.  I had to sand a lot of the paint off and will have to put another coat on.  I am not doing it tomorrow though.  I am disappointed and it has made me tired.

I did finalize a paint color and the painter started work.  Here is the master bedroom.

This is flipping a house.  If I had phoned the granite company, I would have asked if I could pay a rush fee and get moved up the list, but since hubby lost his temper at them, I don't want to call them.

This week goals:
Hopefully the painter will start painting
Finish bathroom cabinet
Check progress of painter to see when I can order carpet

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