Thursday, November 17, 2016

Leftover Turkey Recipes!

There are plenty of things you can do with leftover turkey.  The best part is that if your family gets bored  of it, you can freeze it in a casserole for later use...and they won't have a clue they are eating leftovers!

On Thursday, I plan on serving the turkey.  If anyone wants a second meal, they can have turkey sandwiches or just carved turkey.  After today, I will use the leftovers in my favorite recipes.

I start the day off with my families absolute favorite use of leftover turkey.  I substitute turkey for chicken in this recipe for Chicken Pot Pie.  Since it's the day after Thanksgiving, and cooking is not on my mind, I use refrigerator biscuits instead of making my own.  The family eats the entire thing.

I substitute turkey for chicken in this recipe.  Again my family loves this one.  It has potatoes and cheese and they eat it up.

Another casserole.  If the family is tired of turkey by today, we order out pizza and I make this casserole and freeze it.  Just substitute shredded turkey for the chicken.

I make stacked turkey enchiladas.  The beef in this recipe can be switched out for chicken or turkey and it adds enough variety that the family still loves it.

Mahagony Turkey!  Again switch out the chicken for turkey in this recipe.  I serve it with rice and a green vegetable.

Wednesday:  Soup with leftovers.  This recipe calls for ham, but I add some cooked bacon and any leftover turkey I can find.  It's so easy!

I am always out of turkey at this point.  If the family gets tired of turkey, I make the Tex Mex casserole and freeze it to later.  We love our turkey, but generally not for an entire week.  Here is to no leftovers!

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