Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Diary of a House Flip Post #3

I need to pick paint colors.  This is pretty hard.  I found several really nice colors from sherwin williams, but when I go darker, their undertones become almost tacky.    I love Useful Gray, but using this color would make my cabinets a color called Suitable Brown.  So how did I jump from gray to brown?  Conservative Gray takes me to a shade called Rosemary, which I would call green.  This is not easy.  I want a nice neutral gray that takes the cabinets into a dark gray, not a gray that goes off some tangent and into a different color.

I am at this point considering Worldly Gray and Urbane Bronze.  I actually had to work backwards to get this combination.  I found a dark color that was a nice deep gray with maybe some bronze undertone because I am not looking for "Elephant Bum" for a color.  When I found the Urbane Bronze, I worked my way down it's color chart to Worldly Gray.

Now I need to drive to the paint store to see if my hunch was right...

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