Saturday, November 26, 2016

My Christmas Bargain Find! Happy Frugal Christmas

First off I need to start by saying that there are no product affiliate links on this article.  I have links to the two teapots, but if you go visit one or the other, I do not make any money.  I wrote this because I could not believe the bargain I found.

I asked my daughter what she wanted for her birthday and she said she wanted a cast iron teapot.  She sent me a suggestion for what she wanted.  It was a purple pot, but she said if possible, she wanted blue or teal, not purple.  I nearly lost it when I saw the price tag of $149.99.  I am positive that this teapot is of the highest quality and will last a lifetime, but wow.

Here is a link to the teapot she wanted.

I did not post a photo of the pot because I did not buy it.

I was out shopping one day and scooted into World Market to look at their wall art.  I walked past a display of teapots.  They had a cast iron teapot for $12.49 and it was teal, not purple.  I snapped it up and took it to the register and it rang up $10.99.  I leaned forward and told the cashier that the sign said $12.49 and it was already a bargain at that price.  She said, "Oh, they are extra off today only".

I could not believe the bargain.  They have a lot of other teapots.  She loves her teapot and when I confessed that I did not spend $149 on it, she was perfectly ok with it.  She said it was very pretty and she loves it.

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