Saturday, January 14, 2017

5 Weeks to a Clean House Week 3

This is week 3.  If you want to see any other week, or start over, all the weeks can be found here:

I also have a facebook group that sends out the weekly reminder here:

When you look at these weekly lists, they can seem a bit overwhelming, but I do encourage you to break them down into smaller goals.  I will provide an example below, but since your situation is different, yours may need to change.  If you have kids that can help, you can get them to do tasks, or you can spend a Saturday morning with everyone working to complete the bigger items on the list.

The one thing I want you to remember is that this list is meant to make your house clean enough to have friends and family over, it is not meant to take time away from your friends and family.  On holidays, I do the bare minimum.  I make the bed and wash the dishes and clean a few things as I go, but I focus on people, not tasks.  

If there is a holiday or sick week in your home, back off and take some time off.  Just do the basics and know that your house won't fall apart if you just do the minimum for a few days.

Here is how I divide a weeks worth of tasks up:

Plan Grocery Menu for the week and write out the grocery list
Clean out the fridge in preparation for new groceries to go into it
Spend time with family/friends

Grocery Shop
Put the groceries away and put the bags where they can be recycled
Organize the Living room
clean out the car
do dailies

Do Dailies
Organize Main Bathroom
Clean Main Bathroom
Wash Bedding
Change towels in Main Bathroom

Do Dailies
Organize other Bathrooms
Wipe the inside and outside of all garbage cans
water plants

Do Dailies
Organize Master Bedroom
Deep Clean Kitchen

Do Dailies
Organize Bonus Room
Dust entire house
Vacuum entire house

Complete any task that did not get finished during the week

The goal is to get to the point where the organization of the room takes only a few minutes each week.  If you cant complete all the tasks, try to do something that will stay done once you finish.  If you organize a sock drawer, within a week it will be messy again, but if you organize the high shelf in your master bedroom closet, chances are you won't have to do that again next week.  Focus on the organizing first then clean.

If you want to view the original article, you can find it here:

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