Sunday, January 22, 2017

5 Weeks to a Clean and Organized Home Week 4

Here is the post for week four:

Want to see a different week?  Here is the master list:
This is how I divide them up. You may need to divide them differently if you work, or if you are kid free during some days and not others, but this is how I do it.

Each day I do my dailies....don't forget to close the kitchen.  Once it's closed, any twerp that decides to get a snack must put everything away and wipe the counters and possibly even sweep the floor if they made a mess.  I have been closing the kitchen at 8pm lately except for one night when my daughter gets home from work later.  On that night, I close it after she has eaten.

Besides my dailies, I will do the following items:

Clean out the fridge and make a menu plan.
Spend time with family
If you have not cleaned out your dryer vent this year, get hubby to help you do it.

Grocery shop
Clean out the car
water plants
Organize Family Room
Remove Cushions and vacuum in sofa

Wash bedding
clean main bathroom(quick clean)
Organize books in a bookcase

Organize entry
Deep Clean Kitchen
Wipe garbage cans inside and out

Organize Office room or office space
Pay Bills

Dust entire house
Vacuum entire house

Catchup!  Recruit the family to finish the list

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