Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Age Appropriate Chores For Your Kids

I was reading responses to my cleaning post and it became obvious to me that a lot of moms think their job is to be the martyr.  I get comments that they can’t possibly keep up with all the chores in my lists.   One mom said she has a family of six including her and she just does not have time to do every chore.  I thought about that for a moment, then emailed her back and asked her kid’s ages.  She said her kids were 14, 10, 8 and 4.  She has four fully capable kids, yet she is trying to do all the work herself!   I decided it’s time for a list of chores that your kids can do. 

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From ages 2-4
At this age, your kids want to help, but may be less capable of helping.  Take the time to let them think they are helping and make small jobs for them.
Fold Washcloths
Carry washcloths to closet
Pick up toys
Straighten books
Dust anything they can reach
Throw items into trash
Throw items into dirty clothes hamper
Help set the table
Dress themselves with minimal help

Ages 5 -6
Clear kitchen table
Put dishes in dishwasher
Straighten their own bedroom
Fill pet bowl with water (food containers may still be too heavy or hard to open)

7 -8
Replace paper towel and toilet paper rolls
Rake leaves
Prepare snacks and pack lunches (mom will make sure they are nutritious)
Fold towels
Sort laundry
Help put away groceries

Can cook and use knives to cut.   Your child may be able to do this younger but that is up to you
Sweep floors
Wipe out a tub or shower
Learn to use washer and dryer

Clean bathroom
Mow lawn
Help plan meals

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