Saturday, January 28, 2017

5 Weeks to a Clean and Organized House Week 5

Remember, the goal is not to kill yourself, the goal is to make your house cleaner each week.  At first it might seem overwhelming, but you will get to the point that the organizing portion may take 5 minutes or less each time you do it.

This is the last week, so if you are ready after this week, you can join me for a second trip through the five weeks.  You will find it takes less time the second time through.  Don't be discouraged if you still have mountains of clutter.  It takes time to make clutter and time to clean it up.

Remember, if you cant do it all, try to do something that will stay completed.  Sorting clothing out of your drawers that no longer fits and donating it will stay done, but wipe out the sink and 5 minutes later, some kid throws chocolate milk into it and it's as if you never did it.  Focus on long term.

If you want to divide the tasks up into a weekly list, try my sample list here:

If you need your family to help, look at my age appropriate tasks here:  Age Appropriate Chores

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