Sunday, January 15, 2017

Meal Plan Week 2

It's Sunday, that means it is the day I clean out the fridge and plan the menu for next week. I don't grocery shop until tomorrow, but it's so nice coming home to a clean fridge that will hold the groceries.

This year, I wanted to make some different recipes and really plan dinner.  I want dinner to be a sit down enjoyable meal with my family, not rice and broiled chicken every night.  We try to eat vegetarian or vegan at least one meal per week and for us that is usually spaghetti and I really want to get out of that rut and find new family favorites.  My goal this year is to plan meals for at least 5 days per week that are new and cool things that I can try.  This is my second week and so far the family has loved everything I made.  I cant wait to try these recipes!

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Day 1:

I found this recipe on a blog and it looked so good that I really felt like I had to try it. It has crispy skin on chicken and creamy mashed potatoes.  At first I thought the leek and kale would taste weird, but I made this ahead to sample it and the leek and kale add depth to the dish and my family loved it.
It's called:

Garlic Baked Chicken with Leek and Kale Mashed Potatoes

Day 2:
Ham Steaks, Oven fries, broccoli

Day 3:
Load Me Up Chicken and Potatoes

This is an easy meal that my family loves.  Who wouldn't love chicken, potatoes, cheese and bacon?  I never knew my family longed for dishes like this. When I made it last, my kids begged me to make it again.

Day 4:

Hamburgers, homemade fries, steamed green beans.
I could make plain hamburgers, but I wanted to try something tastier.  With a few simple additions, boring hamburgers are elevated.  Hint:  These taste so good you might need to make two per person.  My family usually stopped at one plain burger but they all come back for seconds on this one.   I found this recipe online.

Day 5:

Salmon.  I found a recipe that has potatoes and tomatoes right in the pan with the salmon, so I plan on serving it with a side salad.  Trying to get my family to eat fish has been a challenge, but to be honest, I was broiling it and serving it.  I found this recipe that spices the salmon up and the kids ate it.  YUM!

5 amazing dinners from 5 recipes I found online.  I hope you like them and thanks to the wonderful bloggers who came up with these recipes!

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