Monday, February 6, 2017

Yes, We are starting with Week 1 on 5 weeks to a Clean and Organized Home!!!!

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If you made it through the first 5 weeks, we are ready to go through again.  If this is your first time through welcome!

First let me explain the system.  If you Organize and Clean your home, it will never clean itself for you, but your job will get easier as time goes on.  When the task says to organize a space, don't feel like you need to spend 12 hours in that space organizing.  Spend what time you have organizing it.  If you only have 15 minutes today, then only spend 15 minutes organizing.  

If it seems overwhelming, try to do something that will stay completed.  If you rinse out your sink, 15 minutes later, a kid could throw chocolate milk into it and it's as if it was never completed.  If you organize the kitchen drawer, it stays organized much much longer.  Depending on how much you use the drawer, it could stay organized for a day, a week or even a month. 

The systems is not meant to work you to the bone, it is meant to help your house stay clean and organized.  I started it because I was afraid to answer my door for all the clutter!  Now when someone rings the bell, I answer and invite them in.   If I am sick, I take a sick day off.  If it's a holiday or a friend is in town, I take the time off.  I do try to do my dailies each day, and if I am too sick or busy, I cut those down to closing the kitchen and the bare minimum. 

So onto the list!  I have a page here that you can bookmark and I have another with the tasks divided up so you can see how a typical day goes. 

Week 1 TASKS

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