Monday, August 1, 2016

How to feed your family on $70 a week (including teen boys) Week 3

Whole pork loins were on sale for less than 1.99 per lb.  I bought a $28 one which took a lot of my budget, but when I got home, I cut it into four chunks.  I am cooking one right now and will freeze the other three.  How will I use them?

One chunk is in the slow cooker now turning into bbq pork sandwiches. It will make enough for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow plus I will have a little leftover to freeze for another lunch or two. 

One chunk will be made into pork taco or pork carnitas.  This will provide way more than one meal's worth.  It will be served and the rest frozen for later use. 

The third chunk will be cut up and made into skewers.

The fourth will be cut up and made into stirfry.  I have enough for two stirfry dinners with this, so I froze it into 2 separate bags. 

They also had ground beef for 3.99 per lb.  This is a pretty good price here, so I bought 2 lbs.  I will make spaghetti sauce with one pound.  My kids love enchilada stacks and I will use part of another pound for that.  I will freeze the rest for later use.   Here is a link to my enchilada stack recipe:  Enchilada stacks

Chicken thighs were .89/lb so I bought 5 lbs.

My menu for this week is:
bbq pork sandwiches, corn on the cob and green beans
chicken thigh stir fry with broccoli, carrots and rice
spaghetti with meat sauce, salad and homemade bread
Salmon patties (made from salmon I purchased on sale a few weeks ago and need to use)
potato soup and sandwiches (we will have a busy day this day, so the soup is made ahead and reheated).
Top your own pizza.  I buy sauce and cheese along with their favorite toppings which are pineapple and pepperoni.

Grocery list:
bbq sauce
corn on the cob
green beans
chicken thighs
tomato sauce
tomato paste
diced tomatoes in a can with Italian seasoning
turkey and ham lunchmeat (1/2 lb of each)
tomato for slices on sandwich
pizza sauce
mozzarella cheese block

I went over just a bit this week because the meat was so cheap that I bought a lot of it.  It will help me keep the next few weeks of groceries down in cost...woot.

If you want to see an index of all my recipes, click here:  Recipe Index

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